In the 9th century the Kievan Rus’ was built. The empire with the center Kiev was the predecessor state of the Ukraine.

In the following centuries, the Ukraine was dominated by various peoples such as the Mongols, Poles and Russians.

1918 Ukraine was temporarily independent, but in 1922 it was incorporated in the territory of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine was a separate and independent state.

Worth Knowing


Traditional folk art such as wood carving plays an important part.

The symbol of the Ukraine the sunflower. Chernobyl disaster: 1986 occurred a tragic explosion at the nuclear power plant. This was followed by contamination through radioactive radiation.

2012 the European football championship took place in Poland and the Ukraine.

Facts & Figures


Capital Kiev

Language Ukrainian

Currency Hrywnja

Inhabitants 45 Million

Area 603,700 km²

Specialities Hearty cuisine

Geography Flat land, in the north wetlands, lakes, rivers and lush meadows, only small part of the Danube Delta

Famous Personalities


Wladimir und Vitali Klitschko known boxer, Vitali is also active as a politician