Already in the 6th century Slavic tribes settled in Slovakia. From these tribes the Slavic empire developed.

After 300 years the country became a Hungarian province, which separated from Hungary after the First World War. Through the fusion with the Czech Republic in 1918, Czechoslovakia came into being.

Since 1993 Slovakia is an autonomous and independent country again.

Worth Knowing


The Gerlachovský štít is with 2 654 m the highest mountain.

The longest river in Slovakia is the Váh with 400 km, the Danube flows 170 km through the country.

There are over 4 000 caves and many wild animals (bats, lynx, wild cats, bears...) to discover in Slovakia.

In the village Vlkolinec (Wolf village, because according to a legend you can listen to the wolves at night) about 35 people live a traditional life without electricity and mains water. The buildings are carved from wood. This is unique in Europe.

Facts & Figures


Capital Bratislava

Language Slovakian

Currency Euro

Inhabitants 5.4 Million

Area 40 036 km²

Specialities Soups (garlic, mushroom or cabbage soup) cabbage, porridge of legumes

Geography Mountains and forests

Famous Personalities


Andy Warhol Pop Art artist from Miková