Romania emerged from the principalities Wallachia and Moldavia, they were untied to a Kingdom in 1878. After the First World War also Transylvania affiliated.

During World War II Romania was initially allied with Germany. In the course of the war the country changed sides and joined the Soviet Union (USSR ). By following the Soviet Union Romania was politically and economically dependent on the USSR, even after the end of the World War II. During this time the politician Nicolae Ceauşescu came to power. He was a cruel dictator, suppressing the Romanian population. In 1989, the people demonstrated against the government and expelled the dictator.

Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991 Romania is an independent country. Romania is a member of the EU since 2007.

Worth Knowing


Between the 17th and 19th centuries many Germans emigrated, with the desire for a better life (Danube Swabians).

In Timisoara, the horse-drawn tram and the electric street lighting was developed.

Most of the rivers in Romania flow into the Danube.

The Lotca is an old fishing boat in the Danube Delta.

Facts & Figures


Capital Bucharest

Language Romanian

Currency Leu

Inhabitants 21,4 Million

Area 238 391 km²

Specialities Sarmale, Mămăligă, sheep pro

Geography Multifaceted landscape (mountains, coasts…), in the Danube Delta the Danube flows into the Black Sea

Famous Personalities


Nicolae Paulescu inventor of insulin (to help in diabetes)

General Vlad III served as an inspiration for the famous vampire Count Dracula, as he had a penchant for executions

Peter Maffay Romanian-born singer and composer
who created the dragon Tabaluga